It is in the intention of the centre to provide a place where children like to be. We endeavour to create a context where children are safe and happy growing and learning together and with us.
Dedicated trained staff that possesses special nurturing qualities and the ability to collaborate with each other and with families in sharing the care of children in our community are the best resources we have for children. J.A.C's Learning World supports staff through development and training opportunities as well as networking with other services, to reach their potential as early childhood professionals.
We place strong emphasis on building relationships and on collaboration across all aspects of the centre in order to ensure our program is meaningful and relevant. Systems are established and maintained to ensure links are made with families, agencies and the broader community also.
It is our intention to create inclusive space for all children, families, staff and the community. With focus on being responsive to children and families and encouraging staff to stay engaged in their own learning process, we believe it is possible to develop awareness of how bias affects ourselves and others. We are then better prepared to challenge bias assumptions in our community.
We are committed to respecting Aboriginal culture and recognise Indigenous Australians as the original caretakers of the land. Environmental awareness is incorporated into our centre through a food garden, reducing, re-using and recycling, and composting where possible.
Guiding Principles

  • To provide a caring, secure, friendly environment that will nurture each child’s growth and development
  • To give children their childhood and make the centre a fun, positive place to be
  • To provide an environment that will offer all children equal opportunities to learn and practise new skills and concepts, regardless of race, culture, gender or ability
  • To help children develop independence and self-help skills in an environment that will foster a child’s self esteem
  • To respect and treat each child and their families as unique, valuable individuals
  • To build up trust and open communication with all families so that we can develop a sense of shared goals for your child
  • To act as a resource and support to all